Anduze Urn - Traditional Classic Stone

046 (1024x772)
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Size 1

  • Diam:    40cm
  • Height:  50cm    
  • Weight:  22kg

Size 2

  • Diam:    50cm
  • Height:  60cm    
  • Weight: 38.5kg

Size 3

  • Diam:    60cm
  • Height:  72cm    
  • Weight:  49kg

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Without question one of our best selling items.

A fantastic matt finish which has imperfections and presents as a Shabby Chic finish.
If you have an older or classically styled property, that requires neutral tones - then these urns are unbeatable.

Color is as shown above and can best be described as a milk color with grey undertones.

Some variances of color may appaear as these Urns are fired to present an aged finish.

Only size 1 & size 3 are shown in the above image