Quarterlite Balcony Planter

cement grey quarterlite balcony planter set 2Quarterlite Balcony Planters - Cement Grey
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Length:       95cm 110cm
Depth:  30cm 40cm
Height: 40cm 50cm
weight of Planter:       17kg 27kg
weight of Saucer:        7kg 19kg

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Thanks to a cancelled commercial order - our superior Balcony Planters are on SALE.  We have only 113 of each size at CLEARANCE PRICES.

These planters are a breakthrough in design and an intelligent solution to a common problem - that is water runoff from your balcony to the neighbours below.

Our Balcony Planters are specifically designed with an exact sized, waterproofed, steadfast saucer that catches runoff from the planterbox ontop.

The design of the saucers are very discreet so it does not change the external aesthetics and the contact areas of the saucers have been moulded so they lock together with there matching planters to ensure greater stability.