Delivering Australia Wide - Garden Pots, Glazed Pots & Other Outdoor Garden Pots

At the Outdoor Emporium we offer a plenteous range of Garden Pots as well as Glazed Pots, Garden Statues and Sculptures, other Outdoor Garden Pots and Garden Accessories. We are a boutique store, stocking only what we consider to be Individual, Stylish and Exclusive Products that offer Exceptional Quality and Value. Naturally we deliver our fantastic range of Garden Statues, Garden Pots and Planters - Australia wide. The Outdoor Emporium are garden pot specialists.

Providing quality garden pots

No matter the theme, style or size of your garden, or the type of plants you choose, the Outdoor Emporium will supply the perfect garden pots for you. Our garden pots and planters will add a touch of individualism, sophistication and elegance to your outdoor spaces. Our Exclusive Garden Pots Range Includes: * Ancient garden pots * Classic Stone garden pots * Glazed garden pots * Lightweight garden pots * Marble & Sandstone garden pots * Oldstone garden pots * Rust garden pots * Extra Large garden pots and all manner of planter boxes and Anduze Urns.

Why choose the Outdoor Emporium

At the Outdoor Emporium, our garden pots are often twice as thick as pots commonly sold by the big chain stores. Thus, our pots and planters provide far greater insulation for plant roots against harsh temperatures and minimize the amount of water required or lost in warm weather. These and other exclusive attributes of our pottery range ensure the best chances for the ongoing health of your plants. As for our Waterfeatures, they are quite simply, the easiest waterfeatures in Australia to install & maintain. Come in and ask for a demo.