How should you plant up Garden Pots in Sydney?

Planting up Garden Pots in Sydney:

Utilizing garden pots stuffed full of color, shape & texture is an awesome way to add a new dimension to any garden. They provide you with a perfect opportunity to insert some amount of height to an otherwise low, flat landscape! You can grow varieties which would not by and large cope all year round with the local climate, due to them having the liberty to be moved into shelter when needed, and they are invaluable for having the freedom to fill in the gaps in a flower bed or a dull corner when the season is changing, and things are quiet.

Getting the best out of your Garden Pots in Sydney is straightforward if you merely stick to the following guidelines: 

 Assemble the ingredients:

•    Your pot - This has to be big enough for your plants with some drainage holes at the bottom. It does not have to be a complete plant pot mind you! You can make use of all manner of things -wellington boots, wooden wine boxes, wheelbarrows, and the list goes on. The more eclectic, the better! 

•    Your growing medium – It’s not just Garden Pots in Sydney that you need to take care of, the growing medium plays a significant role as well. This will more often than not be ‘standard potting compost’. Some of the experienced gardeners prepare their mix, and if you are planning on planting azaleas, heathers, magnolia, or other plants that prefer an acidic environment, you will require some ericaceous compost. 

•    Water retaining gel - This is not obligatory. You might find it useful in really small Garden Pots in Sydney to help minimize the watering frequency because they dry out quickly. 

•    Broken crocks, polystyrene chunks, small rocks, pebbles - You will require these to go at the bottom of your garden pot to help the drainage. There are not many plants which like ‘soggy feet’ on a permanent basis. 

•    Your plants - The sky is the limit, my friend! When you are selecting, try and think 3-dimensionally and involve something with some height. You have the freedom of having subtle colors, or clashing. The pick is completely yours. 

 Plant Your Garden Pots in Sydney:

•    If your garden pot is large, you might want to place it now, before it is too heavy to shift when full. You might also want to take into consideration putting it on a trolley if you wish to move it. It is also handy to nestle it on tiles or something like it to allow the excess amount of water to drain out. 

•    You have to put in a layer of crocks of ‘1-2 inches’, depending on the pot’s size. 

•    Putting in a thin layer of compost is an essential step when planting Garden Pots in Sydney. 

•    If you are going to be planting bigger specimen plants, remove it from its garden pot & try it for size. You have to hold the plant firm in the garden pot, having the top of the root ball close to ‘1 inch’ below the top of the garden pot. Also, make a mental note of until where the root ball’s bottom comes to. Take it out once again. 

•    Now, fill in some more compost to this level. This step has to be executed carefully when planting Garden Pots in Sydney. 

•    Now, put the plant in, give it a slight wiggle to make sure that it sits level while you carefully fill in around it. 

•    The next step is to fill in the gaps, incorporating the ‘water retaining gel’ if you are making use of it. Firm the compost but do not pack it very tightly. 

•    By the time you have finished, you want the root ball’s top and the compost surrounding it to be level with each other, and also sitting about ‘one inch’ below the top of the garden pot. This is such that when you will water it the water will not wash the compost down the sides of the garden pot, which aside from wasting the compost, leaves holes in that surface and looks terrible! Thus, being careful is very important when planting Garden Pots in Sydney. 

•    Gently firm it all down & water it well. 

•    You might also want to add to it decorative mulch on the top, like crushed shell, grit, slate or gravel. This will also help in preventing water evaporation & slug damage to the delicate plants.

So there you are my friend! The entire process has been explained to you in the above points in a crystal clear manner. Planting up Garden Pots in Sydney is very straightforward, and once you are aware of the basics, the sky is the limit really with what you can plant!

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