Just like accessories over a well thought out outfit, buying the right planter will pull together your outdoor garden space. Getting the right one could be tricky, though. Nowadays, varieties of plants are available in the market, like metal ones which hold water better as compared to the porous ones made of wood. Similarly, the lightweight plastic ones are not sturdy and so not ideal for large plants. So, if you have an idea of the basics of the plant pots, it will be easier for you to take the decision.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind that the style and the size of planter depend on the garden and the type of the plant you are planning to plant in it. However, if you are looking for a pot to just amp up your garden or you really want to grow plants of different types, here are some tips to help you find right planters.

A good size

Generally speaking, a good size pot is one that holds a considerable amount of soil and also permits some room for the roots to grow. This helps you see the flowering plant more than the planter. So, it seems ideal for almost everyone who is looking for plant pots.


Pots are made of different materials. Planters made of wood and metal are not just affordable, but also easy to move from one position to another. There are pros and cons of using both the types and depending on your priorities and preferences, you should select one of them. Wood planters are porous and allow better drainage which makes them not so fit for planting inside directly. They get mildewed and cannot be cleaned easily. If you have a plant that requires a lot of water, choose metal or plastic planter so that water is saved from getting evaporated.

On the other hand, metal pots would absorb heat and you will have to keep an eye on it so that the soil does not get dry. If you are looking for planters just to amp up your garden, ceramic or terra-cotta ones would be great. They come in an array of colors and you can find anything to match your garden setting. The only thing is that these planters are expensive and breakable as compared to others.

Going for lightweight plastic pots would be highly cost-effective, but they are not sturdy. This means plastic planter is not ideal for heavy plants and would not withstand weather as well.

Consider the seasons

For the plants, you intend to keep outdoors, it is very important you choose the planters capable of standing up well to the elements like those made of wood or hefty ones like stone or cement. If you go for the looks and decoration to opt for ceramic or terra-cotta, you should be prepared for the cracks that get developed on them during extreme winter. You can save them from cracking by keeping them indoors during winter and then taking them out when the temperature increases outside.

Keep in mind the drainage

Before you take the decision of buying the planter or get carried away by the points to be taken into account, do not forget the drainage aspect. Every plant has its own watering needs. Planters come with or without drainage holes these days. Consider the draining requirement of the plant you are going to buy a planter for and then decide on the pots.

Drainage holes are designed to prevent overwatering or water logging in the roots of the plant. However, the planters without drainage holes are meant for decorative plants only because almost every plant needs air and water, both to grow properly. So, check this aspect beforehand so that you do not have to face practical difficulty with the planter.

Once you have decided the type of planter you need to have, it becomes important you look for a good shop to buy the pots and planters. Nowadays, you have plenty of options available. So, select the seller with a reputation to provide you with good quality pots. Good plants depend on soil, water, and fertilizer. So, take some time, decide on the material suitable for your plants and the weather in your place. Select your planter from the biggest collection of planters, pots, and container gardening products.