Fleur De Lys Square

comp emblem square
Starting at:

Size 1:  41cm square   Height: 36cm; Weight = MA 24kg - SS 33kg
Size 2:  46cm square   Height: 40cm; Weight = MA 34kg - SS 44kg
Size 3:  52cm square   Height: 45cm; Weight = MA 46kg - SS 62kg
Size 4:  60cm square   Height: 52cm; Weight = MA 73kg - SS 87kg
Size 5:  67cm square   Height: 57cm; Weight = MA 105kg - SS 118kg

*square = measurement of length & depth
MA = Marble finish; SS = Sandstone finish

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Our Fluer de Lys Sqaures are the perfect accompaniement for entrance ways.

They particular suit Georgian style architecture and look fantastic with Pencil Pines or Ficus Standards to help frame a formal entrance way.