Planter Box - Square Fleur De Lys Rust

rust fluer de lys square
Starting at:

Size 1:  Width: 41cm   Height: 36cm

Size 2:  Width: 46cm   Height: 40cm

Size 3:  Width: 52cm   Height: 45cm

Size 4:  Width: 60cm   Height: 52cm

Size 5:  Width:  67cm  Height: 57cm

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The Rust Finish is applied at our Melbourne Factory using the highest quality finishes.

Please beware as the finish is what is called ACTIVE - these items can leach Rust Colorings onto Pavers and overtime becomes significantly visible on lihgter colored paving materials such as Sandstone or Travertine.

We are able to seal the outside & inside of these pots to prevent leaching but the color does change to become significantly darker.