Tube Planter - QuarterLite

cement grey tube planter wr
cement grey tube planter wr
tube planters quarterlite wr (4)
tube planters quarterlite wr (5)
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Diam:           61cm 71cm 81cm
Height: 50cm 55cm 60cm
weight: 14 kgs 19 kgs 25 kgs

The exact sizing for these planters was created when we were presented with a very specific request by a client of ours (in visual merchandising) who required planters that were able to accommodate standard sized plastic pots that plants are delivered in.  

Hence these Cement Grey Quarterlite Tube Planters will fit 40cm, 50cm and 60cm standard nursery plastic pots perfectly, in the respective sizes above.

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If you want to keep larger plants inside or outdoors, these are the ideal planter.

The QuarterLite material can be waterproofed so as not to leak water ensuring they can also be used as a waterfeature.

As detailed above, these planters are specifically designed so that you are able to keep your plants in there original plastic pots and of course like all of our Garden pots and planters, they can also be directly planted into.

CHARCOAL finish is also currently available