You are a plant lover and want to make your pots and planters look fabulous always. Picking the right flower pot is essential because gone are the days when there were few options and people had to compromise with one aspect or another. Here are some tips to help you pick perfect pots for plants and providing your plants the best home.

  • Consider location – Check out the plot where you would like to place the pots. Are you looking for a statement or an outstanding feature in your garden? Or you are looking for definite wow factor. Maybe it is just functionality that you are looking for. Find out what exactly you need and then look for the flower pot fitting in your expectations.
  • Decide your style – When you are planning a garden, regardless of whether it is small or big, you should design it according to your taste. You can also look for matching style with the interior or exterior of your home, whether you want to stick to contemporary or slick, traditional or formal, personal aesthetic or anything specific. Above all, you need to pick a pot that you love, the one that resonates you.
  • Consider the size factor –Your pots should be size appropriate for the space you have chosen for them. Going for a bigger sized flower pot is always good because even if you have a small space, going for too many small pots will be messy and unmanageable. The place will look cluttered and even smaller. Going for a large sized pot will be better, but you can go with a simple group of three also.
  • Create an interesting composition - If you are looking for a number of pots for plants, you should mix the sizes and textures to give your garden an interesting structure. You can try three different sizes for compatibility or three different colors if you wish to. Many people prefer flower pot of only one color and some like simply white in different textures. However, selection of the color or size is completely up to you. If you are not very sure about the combinations, you can check out for some ideas on websites offering examples.
  • Carefully choose the color – Bright and strong primary colors attract, but avoiding them in the first place is advisable. These pots attract too much attention towards themselves and are also jarring to the eye. If you are looking for some contrast in colors, go for soft colors and combine them as you find it suitable.
  • Spend money wisely – If you are looking for a flower pot in a prominent position, going with a hero type is good, but if you want pots for more functional areas, go for less expensive ones. In these places, you want people to look at your plants and not the pots.
  • Do not forget the materials – Many people love terra-cotta pots because it seems they are classic and underrated material looking forward to coming back into the garden. One of the advantages you have with these pots is that they age gracefully in sun giving that perfect look you might be looking for since long.
  • Remember –Always buy or prepare the best potting mix and keep the pots raised from the ground so that the plants get proper air and good drainage. 

Always keep in mind that a rich looking flower pot will redecorate your home outside or in. therefore, spending time in choosing a good and best fitting one is worth. Plants add a lot of depth and warmth to space. Above all, they are budget friendly option to give your home a new and refreshing look. Put together a handful of tips and get perfect plants and planters for your home.

Always remember to bring in your personality and taste. Whether it is the plant or the flowerpot, you should make sure they reflect your taste and style. So, the next time you plan to head out to buy some plants, make sure the planters are perfect and chosen with style. Once you let loose your creativity and take into account the above tips, you will find that creating perfect plant combinations is easier than you had imagined.