Terms & Conditions



Like most retailers, we guarantee our products.  If an item is unsuitable, you can bring it back - this is the minimum requirement under current Consumer Law.

Unlike most retailers, we wholly guarantee products purchased to be completely representative of the images presented on our website and should this not be the case and you are unhappy, please return the item for a refund.

We also offer a guarantee regarding our knowledge & expertise - if an item was purchased based on our advice and the items turn out to be unsuitable for your requirements, you can also bring it back for a full refund. In either case you can simply return the item for exchange, refund, repair, or credit - your choice.

Should a manufacturing or performance fault arise - we will happily replace or repair the item within the first 12 months.

* Please note that due to the size of our business and at the request of the accounts department to accurately complete necessary paperwork, refunds can take upto 7 business days to finalise.


Warranty Conditions:

- the Warranty expires 12 months from date of final payment.

a receipt needs to accompany any claim (credit card statements are sufficient).

- we will replace any product that has a manufacturing flaw or that does not perform to the standard of which a comparable alternative would perform.

- the warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or negligence on the part of the customer.

- the warranty does not cover a change in the personal choice of customer.

- the warranty does not cover damage to the pot due to incorrect plant choices or invasive root systems.

- the warranty becomes invalid if a claim is made after the pot/s have been removed from there location at time of defect.

- In order to make a claim, we require a minimum of photographic evidence.

- claims must be made within 7 days from the date the client became aware of the defect

PLEASE NOTE - we cannot refund costs incurred in the delivery, installation or recollection of your items because in many instances we use external contractors for these tasks.



All our items are covered by a manufacturers 12 month Repair or Replace Warranty.

We also cover against any damages incurred in palletised freight for local & interstate customers, as long as the items were packed by us.

Once items have been collected from our warehouse and loaded onto your vehicle, we ask that you make sure that your load is secure as we cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred beyond this point. This also applies to any third parties nominated to collect goods on your behalf.

Understandably, we can not offer a refund if the client changes there mind but we will happily provide a credit so that all parties can move on.

Note: Credit card transaction fees may apply on trade, wholesale or custom orders.



No refund can be given - we expect all due diligence on suitability of design, materials & measurements to be completed prior to any deposits being paid.

If paying by credit card, additional transaction fees may apply.

Should an order be cancelled once manufacturing has begun or design work has been completed - we will seek compensation up to 50% of invoice total in molding costs, design fees and administrative charges.

Items will be covered against manufacturing faults from between 12 - 36 months depending on the material chosen.

Items can take up to 180 days to replace under warranty if they were manufactured overseas and upto 90 days if manufactured locally.

If you have any  further questions about our returns policy, please, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , talk to us instore or call us on 0457 988 808